Bus Driver Flyer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a bus stop be moved in front of a student’s house?

No, we are unable to make specialized bus stops.  If you feel you have extraordinary circumstances please call the transportation office to discuss your needs.

How do I make a bus stop change due to a change of address? 

Please contact your child’s school and take care of the appropriate paperwork to do an address change.  The school will contact the transportation office to make the bus stop change.  These changes take 48 hours to go into effect.

How do I change a bus stop due to a babysitter?

At this time all bus stops will be set up to and from the home address.  The district will not be making accommodations for any stop changes at this time.  This includes childcare, relatives, etc.  No children will be permitted to ride any other bus at any time.

Should the bus pick my child up at the same exact time each day?

Your child’s bus should be coming close to the same time each day.  We ask that you have your child out at their designated bus stop ten minutes prior to their pick up time.  Please do not wait until you see the bus to send your child running to the bus stop.  This could lead to a dangerous situation and could cause your child to miss their bus.

Do I have to be at the bus stop for my child to get off the bus?

All Kindergarten, First and Second grade students must have someone at the bus stop for the bus driver to allow them off the bus.  This person should be on the child’s emergency contact list at the school.  If a bus driver doesn’t recognize the person picking up the child they may call into dispatch to get authorization from the school to release the child.  If no one is at the bus stop the child will be returned to their school.

West Deptford Transportation
Transportation Supervisor
Suzanne Thomas-Hasko
[email protected]
(856) 848-4300 ext. 3228

Transportation Coordinator
Lisa Cassidy
[email protected]
(856) 848-4300 ext.3216

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