Grade Level Schools Information Page
This page has been created in an effort to keep the West Deptford community informed of what changes
to expect as we transition to grade level school buildings. The page will be updated with any new
information as it becomes available. The community can leave feedback by using the schools
Feedback Submission Form.
Feedback from the form will be sent to the transition taskforce group via e-mail.

 June 7th 2010  -- Looping Information Materials

The linked documents below contain additional information about looping grade levels.

Looping Booklet

Looping Introduction

 June 2nd 2010  --  The Grade Level Schools Presentation

Below is the Powerpoint presentation from the recent meeting at the High School.
The file is 22Mb. For best performance please right click and save to your computer before opening it.

GLS Presentation

You may also veiw a Flash Version of the presentation.

 May 27th 2010  -- Important Information For Parents

Some Important Information For Parents:

• All elementary schools will operate on staggered start and end times to coordinate busing and support parents who wish to personally transport their children to and from school.

• All elementary schools will coordinate special events between buildings (ie... staggered Halloween parade times, alternate days/times for building level concerts and programs, etc...)

• Young Eagles Students will attend the program in their assigned grade level buildings during the AM session. Families with students in more than one school for the PM session will have the option to allow the district to transport the older students to the building where the younger siblings attend. This will allow for a single more convenient pick up location for the parents at the end of the school day.

• Students who traditionally received busing to and from their daycare facilities will continue to receive busing to and from those same facilities.

• All current 1st grade students involved in the looping initiative will remain with their teacher and class for the next school year.

• Each elementary school will a coordinate a school orientation for in-coming students this summer. Specific building information will follow shortly.

Some of the benefits we anticipate from going to grade level buildings are:

Curricular Benefits:

1. More effective use of school resources
         a. Staffing needs
         b. Student support services
2. More fluent articulation and coordination among each grade level
3. The development of effective grade level professional learning communities
4. Equitable class sizes in all classrooms
5. More consistent curriculum alignment throughout a specific grade level
6. A true "community" network between children, parents, and the schools
7. Strengthened collegial support among teachers within the same grade level

Some Benefits of Looping:

1. A strong sense of community within a classroom and an extended family feel
2. Develops greater confidence and stability in children
3. Improved learning achievement by way of increased opportunities to individualize instruction for students
4. Additional learning time is created because the traditional September review time is unnecessary at the beginning of the second year.
5. Teachers are able to teach to the student's strengths while looping back to help their weaknesses

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