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Dress Code Proposal Information

For several months there has been a community discussion regarding appropriate dress code for our students. Over 400 members of our community have weighed in on this discussion and helped shape a new dress code. The newly updated proposed dress code can be found on the link below. Please be sure to re-review it, as it has changed based on recent community feedback.

Next Wednesday May 2, 2012 a phone survey will be sent out to all parents via cell phone in an effort to gain more community involvement into this process. The Board plans to gather all of the input from the community and do the best for all of our children. Here is a copy of how the survey will read.

Phone Survey:
     The following is a phone survey for you to provide your opinion regarding the proposed standard dress code. The board of education is asking your feedback on the proposed new dress code that has been developed through input of many members of our community. What is your opinion regarding the West Deptford School District adopting a standard dress code, similar to the sample standard dress code published on the district website?

  1. If you are strongly in favor adopting this new dress code
  2. If you are somewhat in favor
  3. If you indifferent, as in you are neither for or against
  4. If you are somewhat against
  5. If you are strongly against
    (Repeat the choices)

To view the files below you must have Adobe Reader installed
Standard Dress Code Proposal (Draft Framework)
Updated 4-25 (changes in italics)
Standard Dress Code - Frequently Asked Questions

The feedback period has ended.

Thank you to all who participated and provided input!