Welcome to the West Deptford Schools Technology Site!


Director of Technology and Special Projects: Tom Tucci
District Technician: John Beaver
District Technician: Joesph Fulginiti
District Technician: John Lutner
District Technician: Rob Knecht
High School
High School Computer Coordinator: Elaine Murnane
Applied Technology Chairperson: Raymond Kirschner
Video Technology/CAD Teacher: Raymond Kirschner
Computer Lab Assistant/Aide: Elaine Murnane
Middle School
Middle School Computer Coordinator/Art Teacher: Keith Warren
Computer Lab Assistant/Aide: Colleen McKeever
Computer Lab Assistant/Aide: Sue Ramick
Computer Lab Aide (Green-Fields): Tami McVeigh
Computer Lab Aide (Oakview/Red Bank): Jackie Gallagher